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Renting vs. Buying

To Rent… Or to Buy

Deciding whether to rent or buy a home is a significant financial choice that involves weighing several factors. Renting offers flexibility and less responsibility for maintenance, while buying provides long-term stability and potential investment benefits. Understanding your financial situation, lifestyle, and future goals is essential in making the right decision between renting and buying a property.


It’s often cheaper to own your own home tham to rent.

Your monthly mortgage payment goes towards building your equity.

There are tax deductions for your property taxes and interest expense.

Fixed-rate mortgages keep your monthly payment the same each month.

On-time mortgage payments can help you achieve a better credit rating.


There is limited or no ability to personalize your living space.

No matter what happens with the value of the home, you will never gain equity.

Your landlord gets all available tax deductions.

Your landlord has the ability to raise your rent once your current lease expires, unless you live in a municipality with rent control laws.

Hosting gatherings is harder due to close living quarters.

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how to maintain

Favorable Credit Scores

Monitor Your Credit

Order a copy of your free credit report from each of the three major bureaus at least annually from www.annualcreditreport.com

Pay All Of Your Bills On Time Or Early

Even a 30 day late on a small credit card can have a significant negative impact on your scores. If you’re married, keep separate credit cards.

Don't Co-Sign Loans!

Their late payments are your late payments and will negatively impact YOUR credit score.

Do Not Extend Or Open New Credit Accounts

While in the mortgage application process to purchase or refinance a home.

Don't Open Any New Accounts

Unless absolutely necessary.
(Inquiries may or may not affect your score depending on the rest of your credit history.)

Diversify your Credit Mix

Having a healthy mix of different types of credit, such as credit cards, installment loans, and a mortgage, can showcase your ability to manage various financial responsibilities.




Investment Potential

Owning a home can build equity over time, allowing you to accumulate wealth and potentially gain from rising property values.


Stability and Security

Homeownership provides a sense of stability and security, knowing you have a place to call your own and won’t be subject to frequent moves or landlord changes.


Creative Freedom

Homeownership allows you to create your dream home and implement design and renovation ideas without seeking permission from a landlord.


Long-Term Savings

Unlike renting, homeownership allows you to build equity and accumulate savings for the future.


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